An alphabetical index of all known turn-based, play-by-mail (PBM), and play-by-email (PBeM) games actively operated, compiled by Raven Zachary with help from PBM companies, gamemasters, and players around the world. All games included in the index have been confirmed via email with the companies or gamemasters listed below.

This list does not include forum or email-based role-playing games (D&D or Star Trek, for instance), storytelling games, games that are in development but are not yet open to the public, or those that would be primarily defined as computer games. If you have an addition or edit to contribute, please email Raven Zachary, You can also visit Greg Lindahl’s What’s New page to learn about new games, although new entries are largely dominated by storytelling games.

We will be adding game formats, costs, turnaround times, themes, and other pertinent information in future updates to the games index.

Last Updated: 27 June 2021 / Current Game Count: 72

2300 A.D. – The Great Game

Kelvin Soice

2300 A.D. – The Great Game is inspired by the ‘The Game’ used to simulate the future of humanity and create an alternate universe for the 2300AD role-playing game by GDW.

A New Dawn

Nicholas Vitek

A New Dawn is a simultaneous turn 4x Play By Email game (PBEM) where civilizations rise, are shaped and fall at the hands of the players.

Adventurer Kings

R. Danard

Adventurer Kings is a game set in a medieval world filled with magic, treasure, monsters and armies.


Enlightened Age Entertainment

Alamaze is the foremost game to combine deep strategy and nuance in a robust fantasy setting in a campaign of 12 players choosing from 24 kingdoms and 12 regions and considers magic, military, political, economic, convert and esoteric commands.

Ancient Empires

Jason Oates

Ancient Empires is a game of empire building at the dawn of time.

Atlantis: New Origins

Artyom Trityak

Atlantis: New Origins is a free open-ended multi-player computer moderated fantasy turn-based strategy game for any number of players.


Supersonic Games

Austerlitz is a Napoleonic wargame where you fight as a European leader against 15 other players.

Battle Plan

Flying Buffalo

In Battle Plan, war (and lots of behind-the-scenes intrigue) takes place on a map of Europe, among 4-8 players all trying to conquer 29 countries.

Clash of Legends


Clash of Legends offers free and fully automated, turn based multiplayer games including Ancient Greece, Tolkien, and Game of Thrones.

Company Commander

Jason Oates

Company Commander is a simulation of a civil war in a third world country.

Continental Rails II

R. Danard

Continental Rails simulates the great railroad expansion in America during the 19th Century.

Covert Operations

Flying Buffalo

Covert Operations simulates the struggle for control of the world by international megacorporations.

Dark Age

Ab Initio Games & Software Simulations

Dark Age is a game of power and conflict in Dark Age Britain, with plenty of scope for skill and skullduggery, combining the finesse of Diplomacy and the fluidity of Risk.

Duel II

Reality Simulations

Duel 2, the game formerly known as Duelmasters, is a play-by-mail game of ancient gladiatorial combat.

DungeonWorld Adventures

Madhouse Interactive Entertainment

DungeonWorld Adventures is a character-based multiplayer turn-based fantasy adventure game that has been running for 20 years continuously and is as popular as ever.

DungeonWorld Estates

Madhouse Interactive Entertainment

In DungeonWorld Estates, the player takes control of a landholder in the Kingdom of Bereny to ensure the health and growth of the estate.

Election Year

Flying Buffalo

Election Year is a short game where you try to get elected President of the United States.


Ab Initio Games & Software Simulations

Empires is a game of diplomacy, conflict and conquest, designed to have the maximum of action with the minimum of fuss.

En Garde!

Margam Evans

En Garde! is a game of swashbuckling in a fictional 17th century Paris.


Enno Rehling

Eressea is a multiplayer turn-based strategy 4X fantasy world simulator with hundreds of simultaneous players and thousands of individually controlled units.

Extra Time

KJC Games

Extra Time is a football (soccer) manager play-by-mail game.

Feudal Lords

Flying Buffalo

Feudal Lords simulates the struggle for kingship in a mythical period of English history.

Fire on the Suns

The FOTS Gaming Community

Fire on the Suns (FOTS) is a 4x Sandbox play-by-email space opera wargame of great complexity where your imagination is the playground.

Forgotten Realms

Reality Simulations

In Forgotten Realms: War of the Avatars, your goal is to carefully cultivate your realm’s growth, using economics, diplomacy, and your military might.


Talisman Games

Galac-Tac is a vintage 4X play-by-mail game of space conquest, computer-moderated and updated to view, print and submit turns on the web while still retaining its classic 1980s PBM play style.

Galactic Conflict

Flying Buffalo

Galactic Conflict is a strategic space game a little bit like Starweb but without the character types.


Ab Initio Games & Software Simulations

In Gameplan you are an NFL coach and every week you have to prepare to face an opponent within your league.

Gameplan Baseball

Ab Initio Games & Software Simulations

In Gameplan Baseball you are the manager of a Major League ball-club, taking your team through a 162 game regular season.

The Glory of Kings


The Glory of Kings is a turn-based 18th venture campaign or war, diplomacy, and trade, played by e-mail (formerly called La Gloire du Roi).

Gridiron Stats

Ab Initio Games & Software Simulations

Gridiron Stats (often known as “Gridstats”) is the ultimate in Fantasy American Football.

Heroic Fantasy

Flying Buffalo

In Heroic Fantasy, you direct a party of up to fifteen fighters and magic users through a dungeon maze killing monsters, gathering treasure, and hunting for magical prizes.


Ab Initio Games & Software Simulations

Hoopplan is a simulation of National Basketball Association (NBA) basketball.

Hyborian War

Reality Simulations

Hyborian War is a game of imperial conquest in the age of Conan.

Imaginary Wrestling Association

Worlds Unlimited

Since 1985, the IWA has made it possible for people like pro wrestler Shane “The Hurricane” Helms to dream up imaginary wrestlers and manage their careers against wrestlers created by players like the writer of “The Expendables” movies, competing for real-life prizes including engraved plaques and championship belts.

It’s A Crime

KJC Games

In It’s a Crime, you play the part of a gang leader who controls a group of misguided youths.

Lands of Nevron

Ian Affleck

Lands of Nevron is a play-by-mail fantasy role-playing game using the Rolemaster rules.


Harlequin Games

Legends is possibly the most in-depth fantasy game on the market today, combining powerful game mechanics with vibrant and original game worlds.

Lords of the Earth

Thomas Harlan

Lords of the Earth (LOTE) is a play-by-(e)mail war game where you play the role of a king or queen of a medieval (or Renaissance or Classical or Fantasy) nation that struggles to better your own realm, usually at the expense of other nations (and players).


Middle-earth Games

Middle-earth is an award-winning turn-based strategy game, set in the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings: play as either the Free Peoples or Dark Servants, and work together with your team-mates to take control of the lands of Middle-earth.


Talisman Consulting

Midgard combines the best of military, economic, and role-playing gaming – enter a world where diverse factions complete to control the world.

Mobius I

Flying Buffalo

Mobius I is a unique combination of science fiction, grand strategy, diplomacy, and exploration.

Monster Island

KJC Games

Monster Island is a fantasy play-by-mail role-playing game where you play as a monster on a large island.

Nuclear Destruction

Flying Buffalo

Nuclear Destruction is a strategic missile game with emphasis on diplomacy.

Phoenix: Beyond the Stellar Empire

KJC Games

Phoenix: Beyond the Stellar Empire is a science fiction game on an awesome scale, combining the best of roleplaying and strategy in an ever-expanding universe.

Play On

Ab Initio Games & Software Simulations

Play On is a game for Aussie Rules Footie fans.


KJC Games

Quest is a great fantasy adventure through a world of powerful gods, strange magic, and dream cities.

Quest of the Great Jewels

Jeffrey McKee

Quest of the Great Jewels is a free, fantasy-based, strategic land control war PBEM game with 12 players and 4 unique races.


Ab Initio Games & Software Simulations

Raceplan is a simulation of Formula One Motor Racing.

Regime Change


Regime Change is a science-fiction space opera, with one game turn representing a ‘stardate’ and players taking on the role of a single character in a dysfunctional universe where nothing is what is seems.


Constantine Xanthos

Renaissance is an ongoing, turn-based, open-ended, multi-player, highly-detailed historical simulation game set in 1493, played via email, which has been running continuously since 1981.


Constantine Xanthos

Rensim is an online, interactive, open-ended, multi-player, highly detailed historical game set in 1493, which has been running since 2014.


Flying Buffalo

Riftlords is a space trading game where you fly from world to world buying and selling eighteen different commodities in a universe of at least 1000 worlds, trying to make the most money.

Rome is Burning


Rome is Burning is a turn-based game set in the Roman Empire of the 1st Century AD.

Run Chase

Ab Initio Games & Software Simulations

Run Chase is a simulation of One-Day Cricket.

Scramble for Empire


Scramble for Empire is a turn-based Victorian colonial steampunk wargame campaign, played by e-mail.


Ab Initio Games & Software Simulations

Slapshot is a simulation of NHL Ice Hockey.

Soccer Star

Trident Games

Soccer Star is the original fantasy Soccer management Play-By-Mail (PBM) game, established and professionally run since 1986.

Soccer Stats

Ab Initio Games & Software Simulations

Soccer Stats is a play-by-mail stats game, the idea of which is to provide a game that can be played in a competitive league format with as much skill and as little luck as possible.


Ab Initio Games & Software Simulations

Spaceplan is a game of empire building amongst the stars.

Star Chase

Ab Initio Games & Software Simulations

Star Chase is a game of galactic exploration, diplomacy and conquest.

Star Fleet Warlord

Paul Franz

Star Fleet Warlord is a play-by-mail science fiction game where you attempt to dominate the Greater Magellanic Cloud, using military attacks, diplomacy, trading, and any other means necessary.


Flying Buffalo

Starweb is a play-by-mail game of 15 stellar empires clashing over 255 worlds.

Stellar Conflict

Morten Larsen

Stellar Conflict is a game of interstellar exploration, colonization and warfare.

Summit PBM

Summit Soccer

Summit PBM (play by mail) is a football management game where you compete against other real-life managers.

SuperNova: Rise of the Empire

Rolling Thunder Games

SuperNova: Rise of the Empire is an interactive play-by-mail (PBEM) game of galactic conquest, colonization and exploration.



Swashbuckler is a play-by-mail game where players take on the role of an individual character in The Glory of Kings game system.



Takamo is a strategic level game of interstellar exploration, expansion and conquest.

Throne of Cofain

Morten Larsen

Throne of Cofain is a fantasy wargame scenario intended to be a player’s first introduction to the COSMOS Fantasy play-by-email game system.


Peter Rzechorzek

TribeNet is an open-ended, play-by-email (PBEM) game of growth and management set in the Medieval period, where you are the leader of a Clan.

Victory! The Battle for Europe

Rolling Thunder Games

Victory! The Battle for Europe is a play-by-mail (PBEM) game of 40 nations competing for dominance in a WWII era Europe.

War of the Dark God

Morten Larsen

War of the Dark God is a strategic fantasy wargame in which 16 nations in two teams battle for control of seven vital power spots which will either be instrumental in allowing the minions of the great Dark God to call their master into the world or conversely allow the followers of the Old Gods to deny the Dark God entry.

World Wide Battle Plan

Flying Buffalo

In Battle Plan, war (and lots of behind-the-scenes intrigue) takes place on a map of the world, among 20-31 players all trying to conquer 225 land and sea spaces.