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PBM’s Newest Company: Rick Loomis PBM Games

PBM doesn’t have current news reporting nowadays, so if you haven’t heard about one of the most significant events in PBM gaming in a while—the recent sale of Flying Buffalo, Inc.—you could be forgiven. However, the news was big enough that it was covered by non-PBM observers as well, so forgiveness can be extended only so far. What may still be lacking for many in the PBM community is the answer to what will happen to the PBM games, some of which have been among the long-time stalwarts of the industry?

The good news is that the PBM games will carry on under a new company called Rick Loomis PBM Games. In an email, Steve Crompton—PBM veteran, artist, and member of the new Rick Loomis PBM Games—advised that the sale of Flying Buffalo to Webbed Sphere, which finalized on August 4, 2021, was a year in the making. He noted that, instead of closing it, Webbed Sphere allowed some of those closest to Rick Loomis to continue the PBM gaming part of the business. So, for the new company, Nancy Loomis is handling business matters, long-time Flying Buffalo gamemaster Chuck Gaydos continues in his work, Eric Samuelsson is running the website, and he (Steve Crompton) is assisting with marketing and newsletters.

Rick Loomis
Covert Operations: One of the new company’s PBM games

While the purpose of the new company was partially to ensure PBM games underway would be completed, they are also starting new games according to Steve. The company’s website lists the nine PBM games they are running with links to game descriptions. These include Rick Loomis’s first PBM game, Nuclear Destruction, as well as Battle Plan, Covert Operations, Feudal Lords, Galactic Conflict, Heroic Fantasy, Mobius I, Riftlords, and Starweb. Prospective players can email them at

Steve said that the main purpose of the new company was to honor Rick Loomis’s legacy. The new company’s name and website clearly align with this purpose. And keeping alive the PBM games that Loomis and his team invented and ran for so many years allows PBM gamers to participate in carrying on his legacy as well.

Photos courtesy of Steve Crompton. Used with permission.

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