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A Collection of PBM History

Ok…this is not a particularly impressive photo by any standards. I know that. I was too excited and impatient to stage this in such a way that I would given accolades for my skills as a photographer. What you are looking at is the contents of two boxes I received from Edmund Hack today. The contents of these two boxes include:

  • 71 issues of Paper Mayhem magazine, including the coveted early issues, Issues 2-20 from 1983-1986. I now own every issue of Paper Mayhem other than the impossible-to-find first issue, which is more of a newsletter than it is a magazine.
  • 58 issues of Flagship magazine, including the transition to Flagship US Edition magazine, and then onto the odd binder-based American Flagship where three hole punched issues were added into a plastic three ring binder as mini-issues, essentially newsletters.
  • 5 issues of Gaming Universal magazine, which started out at PBM Universal magazine.
  • 11 issues of Nuts & Bolts magazine, a PBM magazine that I’ve heard about for many decades but have never seen an issue before today.
  • 5 issues of The Play By Mail Report newsletter. The editor of this seems to have joined up with the editor of Gaming Universal to create the American Flagship binder issues I mentioned above.
  • 2 issues of The D2 Report newsletter.
  • The 1987-88 & 1988-89 editions of Who’s Who Among Play-by-Mail Gamers, a thick, printed directory of PBM gamers, contact info, and the games that they play. I had no idea that such a publication existed!

Stunned…overwhelmed…giddy! Edmund, thank you so much! These will be put to good use in my various PBM research projects and select contents of this collection will make it to the Suspense & Decision blog over the coming years. There is so much history to share.

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