Welcome to the new S&D blog!

As we set about implementing a range of changes, to help facilitate growth across the play by mail gaming spectrum, one of those changes is a revamping of the Suspense & Decision blog – namely, this blog that you are reading, right now.

Going forward, one objective is to allow for user submitted PBM articles. Another objective is to create user accounts for various idea creators – individuals who participate in the PlayByMail.Net discussion forum, as well as (hopefully) some PBM companies and PBM game moderators.

Be sure to drop by the PlayByMail.Net Facebook page, if you haven’t been there before, or if you haven’t visited it recently.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to what all this new year will mean for play by mail gaming!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the new S&D blog!

  1. You’re welcome, Lugh. Shall I create a user account for you, here, so that you can post? We could even have a category called PBM Memories, where people post particular memories from time spent playing PBM games, both past and present. Or you could write articles. The more that participate, the more that will likely participate.

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