The Suspense & Decision Games Index

Are you looking for a game to play? Check out the new Suspense & Decision Games Index. It’s an alphabetical index of all known turn-based, play-by-mail (PBM), and play-by-email (PBeM) games actively operated, compiled by me with help from PBM companies, gamemasters, and players around the world. All games included in the index have been confirmed via email with the companies or gamemasters operating the games.

This list does not include forum or email-based role-playing games (D&D or Star Trek, for instance), storytelling games, games that are in development but are not yet open to the public, or those that would be primarily defined as computer games. If you have an addition or edit to contribute, please email me, You can also visit Greg Lindahl’s What’s New page to learn about new games, although new entries are largely dominated by storytelling games.

We will be adding game formats, costs, turnaround times, themes, and other pertinent information in future updates to the games index.

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