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Progress in the year 2021

The month of March 2021 is still fresh, and the vast majority of this year is yet to come. I do know that it can be disheartening to see or to experience what seems to be little to no change on the play by mail gaming front, but like many things in life, a lot of different things and issues and problems compete with our attention – all of us. All that we can do is to pick ourselves up, and brush the dust off, and try once more to move the ball of progress just little farther down the field.

There’s a lot of ideas floating around the PBM aether, and we have already begun implementing some of them. This S&D blog is but one example of the change to come. The theme selection for this blog site is not finalized, yet, but I tried to start off with something that had a bit of a crisp and clean look to it – in the hopes of it not coming across to site visitors as distracting. I’m not the most well-versed individual, when it comes to editing and revising of blog templates and themes, but I do hope to instill a better look into this place. I also hope to post with some degree of frequency here, so that site visitors have more of a reason to return, time and again.

Know that I do thank you for your time and for your visit, here. I hope that you will join us often! Be sure to check back, from time to time, and don’t be a stranger. We will be implementing a way for others to submit articles for the site and for the magazine, as we move forward. These are exciting times for PBM!

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