Dark Age II, Alamaze, and Takamo

At the risk of upsetting the apple cart of publication, I have decided to try my had at playing a few games. In the order that they contacted me, after Issue #15 had published, they are:

Dark Age II

Dark Age is a game of power and conflict in Dark Age Britain.

According to the Waiting List, I will be playing the kingdom of the Vikings. That was my first choice out of the top three preferences that I listed, as part of the sign-up process for the game.

Recently, I watched the eight episodes of The Last Kingdom on Netflix, and I really enjoyed watching this series. So, with Uhtred of Bebbanburg, also known as Uhtred the Godless, fresh in my mind, I chose to sign up to play Dark Ages II, following an invitation from Game Moderator Steven Coombs seeking to know if I knew anybody that might like to play this game. I did – namely, myself!

If you think that you might like to give Dark Age II a try, then contact the Game Moderator at: info@pyrahosting.net


Alamaze is the multi-award winning fantasy war game set in the fantastic realm of Alamaze.

Rick McDowell, the Game Designer of Alamaze, had previously invited me to give his modern remake of the classic play by mail game of the same name at try. So, I will be putting the game through the paces (and I’m sure that the game will be putting me through my paces, as well), by playing it via a house account at no charge (in the interest of disclosure). I’ll be giving him some feedback on the game along the way, and I suspect that I shall also write an article or three about Alamaze for Suspense & Decision magazine, from time to time.

If you think that you might like to give Alamaze a try, then contact Rick and crew at: Support@Alamaze.co


Takamo is a strategic level game of interstellar exploration, expansion and conquest.

Randy Ritnour, Game Designer of Takamo, contacted me, recently, and informed me that he had heard that I was wanting to regain access to the Takamo forum, and that Takamo was currently by invitation only. I wasn’t aware that it had become by invitation only, but I did tell him to have Vanessa to restore my access to the Takamo forum.

I tried playing Takamo a couple of years or so ago, but the rules kicked my ass. Nonetheless, publishing a PBM magazine for the 21st Century, Suspense & Decision, while it does tend to consume a good bit of my free time compiling issues, I want to take it one step further and become more actively involved in playing games that we’re talking about in the magazine.

I’ll be the very first to admit that game rulebooks is not my strong point. Honestly, I hate reading them, and it’s even worse when I read one and still can’t quite seem to wrap my head around it. Nonetheless, the Cybernetics in the Takamo gaming universe really appeal to me, and I suspect that this is due to a combination of three different influences:

(1) Galaxy: Alpha – an old play by mail game from Intergalactic Games, which featured a race called Death Globes.

(2) The Terminator series of movies.

(3) Cylons from the Battlestar Galactica television series.

Hopefully, I will be able to successfully juggle continuing to compile and publish future issues of Suspense & Decision magazine, while simultaneously undertaking to learn and to play multiple different games.

At worst, I will fail. At best, I’ll have a lot of fun, plus I’ll have lots of material and inspiration to write articles for the magazine.

For more information about Takamo, visit the Takamo website, or contact the Takamo folks at: randy@takamouniverse.com

Issue #15 is out!

Whew! I’m glad that this one is done. After I uploaded the initial file for Issue #15 to this website, I noticed that a few pages had some issues with them, which I seem to have gotten fixed. If you downloaded a copy with some of the pages rendered in really small size, then just download the issue, again. I’ve checked and re-checked it, and the current file appears to be fine. Let me know if you encounter any problems, though.

Issue #15 was an important issue for me, personally, because I wanted to get the magazine back to the point where it was publishing with a degree of regularity, following some rather lengthy gaps in some of the previous issues. Issues 14 and 15 seem to have gotten us back on track.

Even still, we need YOUR help to keep things on track. Both readers and game moderators play big roles in Suspense & Decision having material of interest to include each issue. If you’ve been thinking about writing an article or a letter to the editor, then fire away! Keep stuff coming in to us, folks – the more, the better, as far as I am concerned. Game companies need to keep in mind that we offer free advertising, so create a few new ads and send them in to us. Readers tire of seeing the same old ads, many times, issue in and issue out. One way to grab their eyes and to regain their attention is through the crafting of some new advertisements that promote your company and its gaming products.

I hope that you enjoy reading Issue #15, but whether you do or do not, be sure to send us in some comments. It always helps to know what we are doing right, and it is no less helpful to also know what we are screwing up.

As always, happy reading!


Charles – Editor of Suspense & Decision magazine