Issue #15 is out!

Whew! I’m glad that this one is done. After I uploaded the initial file for Issue #15 to this website, I noticed that a few pages had some issues with them, which I seem to have gotten fixed. If you downloaded a copy with some of the pages rendered in really small size, then just download the issue, again. I’ve checked and re-checked it, and the current file appears to be fine. Let me know if you encounter any problems, though.

Issue #15 was an important issue for me, personally, because I wanted to get the magazine back to the point where it was publishing with a degree of regularity, following some rather lengthy gaps in some of the previous issues. Issues 14 and 15 seem to have gotten us back on track.

Even still, we need YOUR help to keep things on track. Both readers and game moderators play big roles in Suspense & Decision having material of interest to include each issue. If you’ve been thinking about writing an article or a letter to the editor, then fire away! Keep stuff coming in to us, folks – the more, the better, as far as I am concerned. Game companies need to keep in mind that we offer free advertising, so create a few new ads and send them in to us. Readers tire of seeing the same old ads, many times, issue in and issue out. One way to grab their eyes and to regain their attention is through the crafting of some new advertisements that promote your company and its gaming products.

I hope that you enjoy reading Issue #15, but whether you do or do not, be sure to send us in some comments. It always helps to know what we are doing right, and it is no less helpful to also know what we are screwing up.

As always, happy reading!


Charles –¬†Editor of¬†Suspense & Decision magazine