Work on Issue #15 is progressing well

To the readers of Suspense & Decision magazine, and to those few souls who even bother to frequent this site, yet, I wanted to give an update on the status of Issue #15.

Issue #15 of Suspense & Decision magazine is progressing well. Several articles have been compiled into the draft of Issue #15, already, and it should soon be ready for publishing. As I write this posting, today (January 21st, 2017), things look like a go for publishing Issue #15 on February 1st, 2017 – or perhaps even sooner. It mainly depends on how quickly or how slow a few responses come to some e-mails that I sent out, today, regarding some of the articles to be included in Issue #15.

I still need to begin filling in gaps on pages of other articles already compiled into Issue #15. But that always tends to be one of the last steps prior to publishing an issue of the magazine, anyway.

All in all, I feel strongly that 2017 holds very bright prospects for being this magazine’s best year, ever. I don’t say that lightly, either.

Also, here’s a look at the cover art for the front cover of Issue #15. Enjoy!


As always, thank you for your interest, from Suspense & Decision magazine, a PBM magazine for the 21st Century!